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Church (and Convent) of “Pópulo” – Braga, Portugal

The Archbishop of Braga, Don Fray Agostinho de Jesus wanted to have a decent place to be buried. As a result, he ordered the construction of the Church of “Pópulo” in 1596 together with its Convent, destined for the religious order, the “Eremitas do San Agustín”. The name of the Church is derived from the Church of “Sanctae Mariae de Populo” in Rome, of great importance for the Order of Saint Augustine.

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Igreja de São Marcos – Braga, Portugal

The Igreja de São Marcos in Braga, Portugal, really is a set called the Hospital and the Church of San Marcos. The same was an architectural project by Carlos Amarante and is from the 18th Century. Prior to the construction of this complex, there was a hostel and convent of the Order of the Templars, built on an old hermitage in honor of the saint.

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“Palacio dos Biscainhos” – Braga, Portugal

Just outside the city walls of Braga is the home of the Portuguese nobility, “Palacio dos Biscainhos”. The construction of this palace is given thanks to the interest of Dr. Constantino Ribeiro do Lago, Templar of the Order of Christ. The name of the palace comes from the workers who built it that were from Bizkaia, which we know today as “Viscaya” (Biscay). Its construction was completed in the seventeenth century.

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The Roman Baths – Braga, Portugal

The remains of the ancient Roman city of Bracara Augusta are still present in various places in the city of Braga in Portugal. In 1977, a series of archaeological excavations were carried out, revealing the Roman Baths of Maximinos. These are known by various names: Roman Baths of Alto da Cividade, Roman Baths of Colina dos Maximinos or simply the Roman Baths. They are located on the slope of the hill and on the edge of the current “Rua Doctor Rocha Peixoto”. These remains are outside what was the walled city of Braga, which shows a greater territorial expansion of the Old Bracara Augusta on Medieval Braga.

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