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The Roman Baths – Braga, Portugal

The remains of the ancient Roman city of Bracara Augusta are still present in various places in the city of Braga in Portugal. In 1977, a series of archaeological excavations were carried out, revealing the Roman Baths of Maximinos. These are known by various names: Roman Baths of Alto da Cividade, Roman Baths of Colina dos Maximinos or simply the Roman Baths. They are located on the slope of the hill and on the edge of the current “Rua Doctor Rocha Peixoto”. These remains are outside what was the walled city of Braga, which shows a greater territorial expansion of the Old Bracara Augusta on Medieval Braga.

Through the ruins of the baths, the various rooms and functions of the Roman baths are appreciated. Rooms for smearing medicinal oils, exercises and sauna. In addition, a laundry area, a swimming pool and finally a massage area. The remains that are observed are part of what was a larger structure, according to Roman practices. It is estimated that these baths were built in the second century. The Roman Baths of Maximinos were declared a National Monument in 1986.

Subsequent excavations have left exposed to the north of the Baths what is estimated to be a Roman theater. Other evidences of the Roman city can be seen in the Diego de Sousa Archeology Museum and the Fuente del Idolo, among others.

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