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Castelo de São Jorge – Lisbon, Portugal

At the top of the highest hill in the “Alfama” ward, you will find what from the 12th century is known as the “Castelo de São Jorge” or “Castillo de San Jorge”. The castle has eleven towers and its construction of the mid-eleventh century is attributed to the Muslims, with the purpose of defending the “Alcazaba” or citadel.

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“Elevador da Glória” – Lisbon, Portugal

The historical center of Lisbon has a very interesting and sometimes challenging topography. There are seven hills, with one of them in the center, with a gentle slope towards the Tagus River. If we imagine it in an aerial view, that central strip is the flattest, as if it were a river that makes its way among the other hills. It is the Baixa neighborhood and although the hills that surround it are very steep, it did not stop the urban expansion on the slopes.

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The Marine Museum – Lisbon, Portugal

The Marine Museum (Museu da Marinha) was established by King Don Luís in 1863, and with the main objectives the dissemination of naval military affairs, and above all, disseminate the Portuguese maritime past, from the time of the Discoveries until the 19th century. Continue reading “The Marine Museum – Lisbon, Portugal”

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The Tower of Belém – Lisbon, Portugal

The tower of Belém or tower of Bethlehem, as it appears in some writings, constitutes one of the most representative examples of the “Manueline” architecture. It is located at the mouth of the Tagus River, in the ward of “Santa Maria de Belém”, in the southwest section of Lisbon, Portugal. Together with the “Jerónimos” Monastery, the “Torre de Belém” was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1983. Continue reading “The Tower of Belém – Lisbon, Portugal”

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“Padrão dos Descobrimentos” – Lisbon, Portugal

Anchored on the banks of the Tagus River, in “Belém”, we find the Monument to the Discoveries, popularly known in Lisbon, Portugal, as “Padrão dos Descobrimentos”. The monument, built in 1960, served to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the Navigator, discoverer of “Madiera”, the Azores and Cape Verde. Continue reading ““Padrão dos Descobrimentos” – Lisbon, Portugal”