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Plaza of the Republic – Braga, Portugal

In many of the cities of Portugal one can find plazas and squares  having the name of “Praça da Republic”, we imagine that it is to mark the beginning of the Republic of Portugal in 1910.

Braga also has its “Praça da República”, which is popularly known as the “Arcada”. The Arcade was an arch or portal of the medieval and walled city. This Arcade served as an entrance for the merchants, serving the plaza as a market square.

This square which dates back to medieval times has been called “Largo da Lapa” (1761) and “Largo Hintze Ribeiro” (1904). In 1885 the area is transformed with the construction of the Arcade building, which includes a park and public garden.

In order to unite the Arcade and the square, separated by the “Avenida de la Liberdade”, in 1995 the intersection is closed to the vehicular traffic and in its place the beautiful fountain that we find there is built.

Praça da República becomes the new center of the city and this is denoted by the structures and buildings of importance around it.

The Lapa Church is a small temple in the center of the Arcade building, a place that also has hundred-year-old coffee shops. The means of public transport pass through the place, making the square an excellent starting point or arrival point to the beautiful city of Braga.

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