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Church (and Convent) of “Pópulo” – Braga, Portugal

The Archbishop of Braga, Don Fray Agostinho de Jesus wanted to have a decent place to be buried. As a result, he ordered the construction of the Church of “Pópulo” in 1596 together with its Convent, destined for the religious order, the “Eremitas do San Agustín”. The name of the Church is derived from the Church of “Sanctae Mariae de Populo” in Rome, of great importance for the Order of Saint Augustine.

Originally the structure exhibited an architectural style of Mannerist character. Its facade was reconstructed in the neoclassical style (work of Carlos Amarante) in the 18th century. Due to the extinction of the religious order in 1834, the Church and the Convent became the property of the State.

The human remains of Archbishop Don Fray Agostinho de Jesus are in a tomb located in a niche of the main chapel, thus fulfilling his desires.

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