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The Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid

Shown as a museum, where its living exhibits change throughout the year, making this great space unique in its kind in Spain, it is the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

With a privileged location in front of the Prado Museum, the Royal Botanical Garden has a space of 75,000 m2, containing approximately 5,000 different species of trees and plants from all over the world. Continue reading “The Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid”

"Madrid", Blog English, Country, Spain

“Plaza Mayor”- Madrid

Madrid! Madrid! Madrid! It is always a pleasure to be back in Madrid. There is no complete visit to Madrid without strolling through its “Plaza Mayor”. Over time it has been known with various names: “Plaza del Arrabal”, “Plaza de la Constitución”, “Plaza Real” and “Plaza de la República”. However, it has never ceased to be “La Plaza Mayor” in Madrid. Continue reading ““Plaza Mayor”- Madrid”