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Igreja de São Marcos – Braga, Portugal

The Igreja de São Marcos in Braga, Portugal, really is a set called the Hospital and the Church of San Marcos. The same was an architectural project by Carlos Amarante and is from the 18th Century. Prior to the construction of this complex, there was a hostel and convent of the Order of the Templars, built on an old hermitage in honor of the saint.

The Great Templar Master Gualdim Pais transferred to Braga the relics of San Marcos in the 12th century. With the construction of the new church, the relics are moved there, thus receiving the name of Igreja de São Marcos.

The façade of the complex is symmetrical and characteristic of the Portuguese Baroque with Rococo influences. On the balustrade statues of the apostles and martyrs of life size are observed. The position of the church is reinforced by its two bell towers which distinguish it from the hospital buildings of the era. In the central niche of the church is the image of San Marcos.

The remains of Diogo de Sousa, founder of the hospital, are located in the main chapel of the church. In front of the complex is the Praca do Carlos Amarante.

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