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Basilica of Saint John and Paul – Venice

Venice in Italy would seem somewhat complicated in terms of its structure as a city. Its metropolitan area is comprised of six municipalities. The best known of these is the municipality “Venezia-Murano-Burano”. The historic center of “Venezia” in turn is sub-divided into districts called “Sestieris”. The “Sestieri de San Marcos” is the most tourist district of Venice, although each “Sestieri” has its own tourist attractions. Continue reading “Basilica of Saint John and Paul – Venice”

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The “The Transit” Synagogue  or Sephardic Museum – Toledo

The city of Toledo is known as the “City of Three Cultures” as a result of the influences of Christians, Spanish Jews and Muslims. In fact, the Jewish quarter of Toledo still has manifestations of the Jews in Spain and one of those expressions can be found in the Sephardic Museum.

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The Palatine and the Roman forum

During our recent visit to Rome, we enjoyed our stay in a small and pleasant hotel, right on the “Via Nazionale”, a few blocks from the “Via dei Fori Imperiali”. When one observes the Avenue of the Imperial Forum, one were able to affirm its depth, as it creates the road to the Roman Colosseum. This important road was built under the government of Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini and crosses what was the ancient city. Continue reading “The Palatine and the Roman forum”

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Another city with a leaning tower; Pisa

Having visited the leaning towers of “Asinelli” and “Garisenda” in Bologna, we soon stepped on another city with leaning towers, Pisa. Known worldwide for having the greatest inclination, the bell tower of the “Duomo di Pisa” is also the most recognized monument in the city. Continue reading “Another city with a leaning tower; Pisa”

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“Basilica of San Petronio” – Bologna

Very little is known about “San Petronio”, his life and work. He was bishop of Bologna during the 5th century and as such, he was responsible for the construction of the church of “Santo Stefano” of Bologna. It was in this church where the relics of “San Petronio” rested until later they were transferred to the basilica that bears his name.

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Madrid and its Cybele Palace

On the corner of Alcalá street and the Prado Promenade in Madrid, Spain, stands the Cybele Palace, framed by the famous Cibeles Fountain, from which its name derives. This symbol of the city of Madrid, with a certain touch of cathedral, is within walking distance of other famous structures such as the Metropolis Building, the Prado Museum and the Arch or Gateway to Alcalá.

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