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Igreja do São João Baptista – Thomar, Portugal

Facing the “Praça da República” in the city of the Knights Templar, Thomar, Portugal, we find the “Igreja do São João Baptista” (Church of Saint John the Baptist). It is a late Gothic temple whose date of foundation is unknown. There is documentary evidence that under the reign of Manuel I in the fifteenth century it was subject to a reconstruction.

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The Castle of Thomar and its Convent of Christ – Portugal

The Castle of Tomar located in the small Portuguese city of Tomar in the Santarem region, was part of the military defensive structures known as the Tagus Line, along with other existing castles during the Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula of the Moors . Known to be a Castle of the Order of the Temple, it was built under the orders of the Grand Master of the Order in 1160, Gauldim Pais on a hilltop in the “São João Baptista” Ward and very close to the “Nabão” river. Continue reading “The Castle of Thomar and its Convent of Christ – Portugal”

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The Tiles of Portugal

The combination of the materials used in the old and modern structures together with the enhancement of the tile is unique and is a hallmark of what we can enjoy today, both in Lisbon and in many areas of Portugal. The tiles are used in palaces, residences, temples, historical buildings and in many railway stations of the country. Continue reading “The Tiles of Portugal”