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The House of (Pontius) Pilate in Seville

In the historic center of the city of Seville, is the best Andalusian noble building that is a clear example of Sevillian architecture of the sixteenth century, is the House of  Pilate. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, it was built in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, originally called the Palace of the “Adelantados Mayores de Andalucía”. Continue reading “The House of (Pontius) Pilate in Seville”

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The Giralda Brewery in an Arabian Bath House

There is nothing better than having “tapas” and a good wine or beer in the remains of an Arab bath. Yes, you read that correctly, we are talking about the best preserved 12th century Almohad bath in the whole Iberian Peninsula and it is located within the Giralda Brewery in Seville. Continue reading “The Giralda Brewery in an Arabian Bath House”

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Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville

Due to its large dimensions it is catalogued by some as the “Escorial tabaquero”, or the Palace of the (Tobacco) Industry. Surely they are not mistaken, the Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville is undoubtedly the largest industrial building of the eighteenth century and the best architecture of its kind in Spain. In addition, it is one of the oldest of this type of structure that is preserved, being the headquarters of the first tobacco factory established in Europe. Continue reading “Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville”

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The Plaza of Spain in Seville; it embraces

At any time of the day, the “Plaza de España” in Seville is ready to welcome all those who visit it with a big hug. Perhaps, that semi-elliptical shape that stands out in the structure, can be considered as the embrace of Spain to its American territories and the Ibero-American people during the 1929 Exposition. Continue reading “The Plaza of Spain in Seville; it embraces”

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“La Plaza del Cabildo” – Seville, Spain

One of those places in Seville that you cannot miss out on is the “Plaza del Cabildo”. Access is somewhat hidden, but it is located in the Arenal neighborhood, close to the Cathedral. We entered from “Avenida de la Constitución”. When we arrived at this small square, a smile surged on our faces, not only because of how beautiful it can be, but it turns out to be an oasis in the summer time and provides us with a little relief from the high temperatures of Seville. Being somewhat hidden from the hustle and bustle, it is the perfect place to cool off and recharge your batteries to continue enjoying this great city. Continue reading ““La Plaza del Cabildo” – Seville, Spain”

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“Santa Maria de la Sede” – Seville

There are seven portals that grant access to the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, “Santa Maria de la Sede”, the Cathedral of Seville, Spain. We are including pictures of three portals we had the opportunity to photograph, the “Puerta de San Cristóbal” or also known as “del Príncipe”, which is located on the south facade and located on the western facade, we find the “Puerta del Nacimiento” and the “Puerta de la Asunción”. Continue reading ““Santa Maria de la Sede” – Seville”