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The Church of Saint Theresa and Saint Joseph of Madrid

Its facade, reminds us of a medieval fortress, creating a very marked and beautiful contrast with the modern buildings that surround it. It is the National Temple of Saint Theresa of Jesus and Convent of the Discalced Carmelite Fathers, also known as the Church of Saint Teresa and Saint Joseph in Madrid, Spain. This church was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest on December 20, 1995. Continue reading “The Church of Saint Theresa and Saint Joseph of Madrid”

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The Carmen Thyssen Museum of Málaga

In our visit to the city of Malaga, we could not miss out on the main museum of this Spanish city, the Carmen Thyssen Museum. Opened in 2011, this museum brings together one of the most important collections of Spanish and Andalusian painting from the early nineteenth century to the beginnings of modern times in the twentieth century. Its collection covers some of the main genres of Spanish art in this period, such as landscape and customs, paying special attention to Andalusian paintings. Continue reading “The Carmen Thyssen Museum of Málaga”

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Santa Barbara Church, Madrid

The church of which we are going to share with you a bit of its history, we had already had our eye on it on a previous visit to Madrid. It was not open on that occasion, so we put it on the list of places to visit on our next visit. This time, we had the opportunity to enter and were delighted with its architecture that projects a lot of elegance. Continue reading “Santa Barbara Church, Madrid”

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The Grand and the Petit Palaces in Paris

Strolling down the Champs Elysees in Paris we find two structures with beautiful decorative details on their facades facing each other, it is the Grand Palais (Grand Palais) and the Petit Palais (Petit Palais). Both buildings were built for the Universal Exposition of 1900, along with the Alexander III Bridge, creating a beautiful monumental setting. Continue reading “The Grand and the Petit Palaces in Paris”

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“Santo Cristo de la Salud” Church of Malaga

On our way to visit the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga (Spain), next to it, we found a church barely noticeable given its location on “Compañía” Street, which is very narrow and it becomes somewhat difficult to observe the facade, which, although it was a simple one, had some architectural details. Continue reading ““Santo Cristo de la Salud” Church of Malaga”