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“Are you from Braga?” – Braga, Portugal

“Are you from Braga?” This is a common expression of Braga, referring to the practice of leaving the door open. Although there are several theories about its origin, a very common one is born with the “Arco da Porta Nova”. In 1373 the construction of the walls was completed, practically enclosing the town of Braga.

It would be in the sixteenth century that the construction of the “Torre da Porta Nova” would take place. What was surprising was that despite being the Tower part of the defensive wall of the city, it was built without doors. That is to say, that this entrance by the “Rua dos Souto” could be accessed freely.

The arch that we enjoy today is from the 18th Century and combines Baroque and Neoclassical styles. These architectural styles are reflected in the facades of the arch, the western baroque and the neoclassical east. Above the entrance arch is a statue that represents the city of Braga and was originally located in Arcadia. On the back cover we find in a niche the figure of Our Lady of Nazareth.


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