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Oratorio Di Santa Cecilia, Bologna

Upon exiting the “Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore” on the “Via Zamboni”, we walk along its side porch until we find a small entrance through the back of the church. There we stopped to admire the “Oratorio di Santa Cecilia” and its beautiful frescoes. In total, there are ten panels of frescoes that cover the walls to the right and left of the entrance to the oratory and show episodes of the life of “Santa Cecilia” and her husband “Valeriano”. Continue reading “Oratorio Di Santa Cecilia, Bologna”

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“Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Vida”

Contemplating the Italian city of Bologna from the terraces of the “Basilica di San Petronio”, we observed a dome stood out among the buildings. The dome was a short distance from “Piazza Maggiore”, so we set out to find the building to which it belonged. In crossing the Market and arriving at the “Via Clavature”  we found the “Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Vida” of Bologna. Continue reading ““Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Vida””

Bologna, Briefs, Country, Italy

“Palazzo della Mercanzia”

The Palazzo della Mercanzia, by name, may give the impression of having been the old Market Square of the Italian city of Bologna. However, between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, this palace, which is also known as the Loggia dei Mercanti, was the Mercantile Forum under the auspices of the University. The Palazzo della Mercanzia is from the 14th century and its architecture is in the Gothic style. Continue reading ““Palazzo della Mercanzia””