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Auto, Bus, Train or Plane?

The issue of mobility when planning a trip, is always of great concern. Many factors influence selecting the best method of transportation or the one that best suits us. Since costs, distances, comfort and even the time available or scheduled to visit a city, everything counts. Sometimes depending on the chosen means of transportation, it can determine the amount of time will stay visiting a city. Continue reading “Auto, Bus, Train or Plane?”

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Oh No! It’s Closed!

Have you ever found yourself saying this when arriving at a place you wanted to visit or see? It’s perhaps the worst feeling to have and maybe very frustrating and disappointing. We plan a trip with the expectation of visiting certain places and monuments and it is unfortunate when we finally get there and find a sign indicating it is closed due to maintenance or conservation and restoration works. Continue reading “Oh No! It’s Closed!”

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Getting the most out of your cell phone camera


How does one get started in order to capture that memorable image? Identify that element that stands out in a scene, that’s how we begin take pictures during our travels. It may be a fountain in a park, a rose at the foot of a statue or the earthenware flooring seen through the bars of a gateway. Continue reading “Getting the most out of your cell phone camera”

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If Columbus could do it, so can we

Resources such as “Google Maps” and official tourism maps (see notes below) allowed us to organize and program the activities and touring we would undertake daily during our stay in Spain. It also helped in determining how much we would need for each city and identify where to locate a command center to serve as home base for all our touring. Continue reading “If Columbus could do it, so can we”

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The Command Center; Epicenter for an advantageous trip

We all have a Command Center, the greatest of all, our Brain. Cerebro centro de mandoTherein resides what controls our nervous system, body organs, motor and cognitive functions, and much more. Outside our brains exist many other command centers. For example, when we travel, we establish one or more command centers meaning that location that serves as an operations center from which we embark on our different activities.

Continue reading “The Command Center; Epicenter for an advantageous trip”