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The “Transit” Synagogue  or Sephardic Museum – Toledo

The city of Toledo is known as the “City of Three Cultures” as a result of the influences of Christians, Spanish Jews and Muslims. In fact, the Jewish quarter of Toledo still has manifestations of the Jews in Spain and one of those expressions can be found in the Sephardic Museum.

Sepharad or Sefarad is a Hebrew word that means “Hispania” or “Iberia” and refers to the Jewish diaspora in the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. Although the Sepharadi were expelled from Spain in the fifteenth century, their legacy remained.

The Sephardic Museum of Toledo is a state-operated museum that intends to preserve and transmit the Hispanic-Jewish or Sephardic legacy. The museum is located in the Samuel ha-Levi Synagogue, better known as The Transit Synagogue.

With the expulsion of the Sephardim, their properties received a new use. For example, until 1964, the Toledo Transit Synagogue had been an archive for the Military Order of Calatrava, who replaced the Templars in the Castle of Calatrava.

The museum is rich in historical information with artifacts belonging to different epochs of the Sephardic.

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