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“La Plaza del Cabildo” – Seville, Spain

One of those places in Seville that you cannot miss out on is the “Plaza del Cabildo”. Access is somewhat hidden, but it is located in the Arenal neighborhood, close to the Cathedral. We entered from “Avenida de la Constitución”. When we arrived at this small square, a smile surged on our faces, not only because of how beautiful it can be, but it turns out to be an oasis in the summer time and provides us with a little relief from the high temperatures of Seville. Being somewhat hidden from the hustle and bustle, it is the perfect place to cool off and recharge your batteries to continue enjoying this great city. Continue reading ““La Plaza del Cabildo” – Seville, Spain”

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The “The Transit” Synagogue  or Sephardic Museum – Toledo

The city of Toledo is known as the “City of Three Cultures” as a result of the influences of Christians, Spanish Jews and Muslims. In fact, the Jewish quarter of Toledo still has manifestations of the Jews in Spain and one of those expressions can be found in the Sephardic Museum.

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Madrid and its Cybele Palace

On the corner of Alcalá street and the Prado Promenade in Madrid, Spain, stands the Cybele Palace, framed by the famous Cibeles Fountain, from which its name derives. This symbol of the city of Madrid, with a certain touch of cathedral, is within walking distance of other famous structures such as the Metropolis Building, the Prado Museum and the Arch or Gateway to Alcalá.

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The gates of Toledo and San Vicente – Madrid

Since the beginning of time, the constant conflicts among human beings forced the development of protection measures, especially as they joined together to form communities. This led to the construction of fortresses and enclosed towns or cities. Therefore, only gates lead in and out of the city, the architectural element of greater prominence in this type of fortresses.

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“Plaza del Obradoiro”, center and heart of Santiago de Compostela

Surrounded by historic buildings such as the Palace of “Rajoy”, the Hostal de los Catholic Kings, the Saint Jerome’s School and the Cathedral of “Santiago de Compostela” is “Plaza del Obradoiro”, center and heart of this Galician town. Today, it is the place where pilgrims and tourists arrive, to celebrate the completed pilgramage, to reaffirm their faith or to simply contemplate and be a participant in everything that surrounds them and provokes their splendor. Continue reading ““Plaza del Obradoiro”, center and heart of Santiago de Compostela”

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“Museo do Pobo Galego” – Santiago de Compostela, Spain

In what is known as the Puerta del Camino, on the outskirts of the city walls of Santiago de Compostela, is the old convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, which since 1976 has housed the “Museo do Pobo Galego” or the Galician People’s Museum . At the foot of Mount Almáciga, the pilgrim San Domingos de Guzmán founded this convent in 1219. Continue reading ““Museo do Pobo Galego” – Santiago de Compostela, Spain”