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“El Greco” Museum – Toledo

Looking at the building that houses this museum, it is difficult to relate the modern architecture of the structure that welcomes us, with the work of the painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos, born in Crete in 1541 and known to us  as “El Greco”. Although he was not Spanish, most of his pictorial work was done in Toledo, Spain. He died in 1614, at the age of 72, in said city. Continue reading ““El Greco” Museum – Toledo”

"Toledo", Blog English, Country, Spain

The “Transit” Synagogue  or Sephardic Museum – Toledo

The city of Toledo is known as the “City of Three Cultures” as a result of the influences of Christians, Spanish Jews and Muslims. In fact, the Jewish quarter of Toledo still has manifestations of the Jews in Spain and one of those expressions can be found in the Sephardic Museum.

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The Tavera Hospital in Toledo

The San Juan Bautista Hospital was built on the outskirts of Toledo, Spain, between 1541 and 1603 by order of Cardinal Juan Pardo de Tavera and, therefore, the popular reference to the building as the Tavera Hospital. The building is also known as the Exterior Hospital as it was literally outside the city walls of Toledo.

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"Toledo", Blog English, Country, Spain

The “churros” of Paseo de La Vega

Before recently visiting the city of Toledo (Spain), some of the members of the Legends of Toledo group suggested we go to the Paseo de La Vega to savor what they consider the best “churros” in Toledo. So we arived mid-morning, at the “Kiosko Catalino Churrería”, located within the park area in front of Cardenal Tavera street and from where we enjoy a spectacular view of the Bisagra Gate. Continue reading “The “churros” of Paseo de La Vega”