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Basilica of Saint John and Paul – Venice

Venice in Italy would seem somewhat complicated in terms of its structure as a city. Its metropolitan area is comprised of six municipalities. The best known of these is the municipality “Venezia-Murano-Burano”. The historic center of “Venezia” in turn is sub-divided into districts called “Sestieris”. The “Sestieri de San Marcos” is the most tourist district of Venice, although each “Sestieri” has its own tourist attractions.

Only in walking can one discovered what each “Sestieri” can offer the tourist. We came across “Castello” the “sestieri” that borders San Marcos and the largest of Venice. We discovered “Castello” after having passed over multiple stairs / bridges.

It is in Castello where we find the “Basilica dei Giovanni e Paolo” known by the Venetians as “San Zanipolo”. This basilica gained notoriety after the fifteenth century, becoming the official place for the funeral services of the Doges of Venice. Built in the Italian Gothic style, it was completed at the beginning of the 15th century.

The Basilica of Juan and Pablo is located in one of the largest squares in the city, the “Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo”. Also in this square is the “Scuola Grande di San Marco” (now a hospital) and the statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni, a military mercenary at the service of the Republic.

This temple is found facing the canal or the “dei Mendicanti” River.

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