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The “Santa Justa” Elevator – Lisbon, Portugal

The Santa Justa Elevator is the only one of Lisbon’s elevators configured vertically. Its function as a means of transport has declined to become an important tourist attraction. And we confirm that it is, essentially for the time it took us to make the line to enter the elevator and finally climb. Continue reading “The “Santa Justa” Elevator – Lisbon, Portugal”

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Castle of the Moors – Sintra, Portugal

The “Castelo dos Mouros” or Castle of the Moors was an experience when visiting Sintra, Portugal. Although some assume the challenge of climbing on foot, we preferred to ride the bus that took us straight to the castle. Why? The Castle of the Moors rises on one of the summits of the mountain range, specifically in the parish of São Pedro de Penaferrim in the village of Sintra, Portugal. Continue reading “Castle of the Moors – Sintra, Portugal”

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“Plaza del Obradoiro”, center and heart of Santiago de Compostela

Surrounded by historic buildings such as the Palace of “Rajoy”, the Hostal de los Catholic Kings, the Saint Jerome’s School and the Cathedral of “Santiago de Compostela” is “Plaza del Obradoiro”, center and heart of this Galician town. Today, it is the place where pilgrims and tourists arrive, to celebrate the completed pilgramage, to reaffirm their faith or to simply contemplate and be a participant in everything that surrounds them and provokes their splendor. Continue reading ““Plaza del Obradoiro”, center and heart of Santiago de Compostela”

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“The most beautiful bookstore in the world”

Many have said that it is “The most beautiful bookstore in the world” and we can attest to it.

The Neo-Gothic building of 1906, which is the home to the Lello Bookstore in Porto, Portugal, receives thousands of visitors from all over the world every day, who, like us, do not miss the opportunity to have the unique experience of this fabulous space. Continue reading ““The most beautiful bookstore in the world””

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The Episcopal Palace – Braga, Portugal

The bishopric of the Bracara Augusta was founded in 388 by Paternus, its first bishop in which it was the parish of San Jose de San Lorenzo and San Juan de Souto. In 1071 it was declared an archdiocese and in 1112 the counts Henrique and Teresa donated the city to the archbishop, thus creating the first ecclesiastical fief of Braga that lasted until the 18th century. Continue reading “The Episcopal Palace – Braga, Portugal”

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Church of “Santa Maria do Olival” – Thomar, Portugal

In talking about the city of Tomar, the attendant at the reception desk of the hotel where we stayed in Lisbon, strongly recommended that we visit the Church of “Santa Maria do Olival”. And, although we found it closed, we could not enjoy its interior and we were able to appreciate the structure, its surroundings and its particularities. Continue reading “Church of “Santa Maria do Olival” – Thomar, Portugal”

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“Museo do Pobo Galego” – Santiago de Compostela, Spain

In what is known as the Puerta del Camino, on the outskirts of the city walls of Santiago de Compostela, is the old convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, which since 1976 has housed the “Museo do Pobo Galego” or the Galician People’s Museum . At the foot of Mount Almáciga, the pilgrim San Domingos de Guzmán founded this convent in 1219. Continue reading ““Museo do Pobo Galego” – Santiago de Compostela, Spain”