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The Episcopal Palace – Braga, Portugal

The bishopric of the Bracara Augusta was founded in 388 by Paternus, its first bishop in which it was the parish of San Jose de San Lorenzo and San Juan de Souto. In 1071 it was declared an archdiocese and in 1112 the counts Henrique and Teresa donated the city to the archbishop, thus creating the first ecclesiastical fief of Braga that lasted until the 18th century. Continue reading “The Episcopal Palace – Braga, Portugal”

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The Tiles of Portugal

The combination of the materials used in the old and modern structures together with the enhancement of the tile is unique and is a hallmark of what we can enjoy today, both in Lisbon and in many areas of Portugal. The tiles are used in palaces, residences, temples, historical buildings and in many railway stations of the country. Continue reading “The Tiles of Portugal”