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The Tower of Belém – Lisbon, Portugal

The tower of Belém or tower of Bethlehem, as it appears in some writings, constitutes one of the most representative examples of the “Manueline” architecture. It is located at the mouth of the Tagus River, in the ward of “Santa Maria de Belém”, in the southwest section of Lisbon, Portugal. Together with the “Jerónimos” Monastery, the “Torre de Belém” was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1983. Continue reading “The Tower of Belém – Lisbon, Portugal”

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The “Jerónimos de Santa María de Belém” Monastery – Lisbon, Portugal

The “Jerónimos de Santa María de Belém” Monastery is an old monastery, which served in its beginnings as the residence of the monks of the religious order of “São Jerónimo” (Saint Jerome), which prevailed until 1834. The Monastery is located in the “Belém” Ward in Lisbon, Portugal and is an important representation of the “Manueline” architectural style, representing the richness and importance of the Portuguese Discoveries. Continue reading “The “Jerónimos de Santa María de Belém” Monastery – Lisbon, Portugal”

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The “Santa Justa” Elevator – Lisbon, Portugal

The Santa Justa Elevator is the only one of Lisbon’s elevators configured vertically. Its function as a means of transport has declined to become an important tourist attraction. And we confirm that it is, essentially for the time it took us to make the line to enter the elevator and finally climb. Continue reading “The “Santa Justa” Elevator – Lisbon, Portugal”

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Castle of the Moors – Sintra, Portugal

The “Castelo dos Mouros” or Castle of the Moors was an experience when visiting Sintra, Portugal. Although some assume the challenge of climbing on foot, we preferred to ride the bus that took us straight to the castle. Why? The Castle of the Moors rises on one of the summits of the mountain range, specifically in the parish of São Pedro de Penaferrim in the village of Sintra, Portugal. Continue reading “Castle of the Moors – Sintra, Portugal”

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The Tiles of Portugal

The combination of the materials used in the old and modern structures together with the enhancement of the tile is unique and is a hallmark of what we can enjoy today, both in Lisbon and in many areas of Portugal. The tiles are used in palaces, residences, temples, historical buildings and in many railway stations of the country. Continue reading “The Tiles of Portugal”

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Tiles and Ceramics by Sant’ Anna – Lisbon, Portugal

We have always had a great fascination with tiles. Our interest increased when we saw the program “Voyager”, produced by Josh Garcia, where he visited the Sant’Anna Factory in Lisbon (Portugal). It is then we learned that this factory was an essential part of the reconstruction of Lisbon, after the terrible earthquake of 1755. Continue reading “Tiles and Ceramics by Sant’ Anna – Lisbon, Portugal”