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The Tiles of Portugal

The combination of the materials used in the old and modern structures together with the enhancement of the tile is unique and is a hallmark of what we can enjoy today, both in Lisbon and in many areas of Portugal. The tiles are used in palaces, residences, temples, historical buildings and in many railway stations of the country. Continue reading “The Tiles of Portugal”

"Portugal", Blog English, Country, Lisbon

Tiles and Ceramics by Sant’ Anna – Lisbon, Portugal

We have always had a great fascination with tiles. Our interest increased when we saw the program “Voyager”, produced by Josh Garcia, where he visited the Sant’Anna Factory in Lisbon (Portugal). It is then we learned that this factory was an essential part of the reconstruction of Lisbon, after the terrible earthquake of 1755. Continue reading “Tiles and Ceramics by Sant’ Anna – Lisbon, Portugal”