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“Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Vida”

Contemplating the Italian city of Bologna from the terraces of the “Basilica di San Petronio”, we observed a dome stood out among the buildings. The dome was a short distance from “Piazza Maggiore”, so we set out to find the building to which it belonged. In crossing the Market and arriving at the “Via Clavature”  we found the “Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Vida” of Bologna.

This sanctuary is one of the most important examples of the baroque architecture of Bologna. It was founded in the thirteenth century and is the chapel of what was the Hospital of Santa Maria. The roof of the church collapsed in 1686, which is why it had to be rebuilt by architect Bergonzoni. Its beautiful dome is a Giuseppe Tubertini design and was added to the sanctuary in 1787. The facade dates to the 20th century.

The sanctuary is facing “Via de’Musei” where we found a nice place to enjoy a good wine with a typical Bologna pasta.

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