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Chiesa di San Segismondo of Bologna

Strolling through the University campus of the City of Bologna (Italy), allows one to discover its buildings and many churches, and so we found the “Chiesa di San Segismondo” or Church of Saint “Segismundo”.

The name of the church comes from “Segismundo”, king of Burgundia, a Germanic kingdom of the High Middle Ages. His kingdom included what are now parts of France, Italy and Switzerland. “Segismundo” being belonged to the Arianism, considered a Christian heresy that had its origin in the ideas of Arius (III century) and that was characterized by denying that Jesus had the same divine condition as God the Father, converts to the Catholic faith thanks to the intervention of St. “Avito” of Vienna. He was canonized for being considered a martyr.

Although the temple dates to the thirteenth century, one now observes a temple completely remodeled and to which a bell tower was added in the eighteenth century. Restorations and remodeling continued in the interiors of the church until the end of the 19th century.

The University Pastoral of the Church of Saint “Segismundo” has an important role in the student life of Bologna. Among its services is to provide residence for university students.

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