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Palazzo d’Accursio, Bologna

The “Palazzo d’Accursio”, located on “Piazza Maggiore” in the Italian city of Bologna, belonged to the renowned jurist and law professor, Accursio. This palace with an arcade gallery was built in 1287.

In 1336, the “Palazzo d’Accursio” went from being used as a residence, to being used for government purposes with the arrival of the “Anzaini”, the main magistrates of the community and the municipal government cede. In 1365 the building was remodeled into a fortress and the “Torre d’Accursio”, the current clock tower, was added.

In time, the adjoining buildings were added to the governmental complex, thus becoming the “Palazzo Comunale”. Over the main entrance today is a statue in honor of Pope Gregory XIII, which replaced the statue of Pope Julius II which was destroyed in 1511 during civil revolts. Additionally, the facade of the building incorporated a statue of the Madonna with the Child in the year 1478.

The “Palazzo d’Accursio” continues as the seat of the municipal government, in addition to including a museum, the library, the “Piazza Coperta” on what was once the Roman Forum and a memorial to the Resistance (to World War II). The structure houses many rooms full of history.

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