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The Command Center; Epicenter for an advantageous trip

We all have a Command Center, the greatest of all, our Brain. Cerebro centro de mandoTherein resides what controls our nervous system, body organs, motor and cognitive functions, and much more. Outside our brains exist many other command centers. For example, when we travel, we establish one or more command centers meaning that location that serves as an operations center from which we embark on our different activities.

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And the best travel agent is …

Traveling is perhaps the most gratifying experience to be lived. The sensation is so divine, words cannot begin to explain it. It feels great! The desire or dream of being able to travel can be spurred by anecdotes of family and friends, personal wants and continuous advertising campaigns. We constantly view those commercials with many options to travel through-out the world. How to choose? Where do I start? Continue reading “And the best travel agent is …”

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When in Rome, do as the romans

This well known saying advises one when outside your normal surroundings to adapt to customs, laws and behaviors when visiting new places. The saying is attributed to Saint Ambrose, then the Bishop of Milan in the 4th century. As the story goes, when Saint Augustine visited Milan, he noted that people didn’t fast on Saturdays as was the custom in his town. Confused, he consulted with Saint Ambrose which replied, “When in Rome, I fast on Saturdays. But when I am here, I don’t”. Continue reading “When in Rome, do as the romans”