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How much cash will I need?

Honestly and at first, no one can provide an answer to this question and a magic formula to calculate the amount needed does not exist. Nonetheless, no doubt it is one of the mayor concerns for us as travelers. How much is too much? How much is too little?

Not only is it a matter of knowing how much cash one will need but also how to keep it safe. No need to think about tales of horror of cashless travelers midway through the trip. On the other hand, imagine being at a transportation terminal and having an urgent need for a restroom. Suddenly you discover you need coins to use the restroom and you don’t have any coins on you. That can be a problem! What if you are robbed? Now that could hurt! Not only might you lose the money needed to complete the trip, but credit cards and passport also. We trembled at that thought! As a result, it is best to determine how much cash you need for the day and only carry that amount. In case of a robbery or any other unfortunate event, the loss is kept to a minimum.

If you are an independent traveler like ourselves, make sure to carry enough cash for the day’s meals, transportation (bus) and others. On a daily basis check your spending. Advance or internet purchases of tickets for attractions, lodgings and even trains can be done.

In using a travel agency tour,

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they organize and plan all the activities and places to be visited, making it easier to determine how much cash you’ll need. Travel Agents, according to the size of the group usually negotiate and coordinate airline tickets, local transport, lodgings, meals and attractions selected by the agency. In this regard, you are covered. Additionally, they can also recommend how much cash you’ll need according the duration of the tour.

Regardless of such recommendations, it is important for you to make a Budget for all those things not covered in the tour package. That Budget should provide a rainny day fund, for example needing to be hospitalized because your tripped and fell on the Street. Oppssss ….

Another important consideration is knowing before hand if “plastic”, say credit / debit cards is a true payment option and where they are accepted. Believe us, this can greatly vary from city to city. The key is always inquiring when you arrive  at a store or restaurant in oder to avoid unexpected surprises. What payment options are accepted? Can one pay with a credit or debit card? Is VISA, Mastercard or American Express accepted? Should the response be “we only accpt EUROs”, no big deal. Head to the nearest Automatic Teller Machine and the matter is resolved. When walking through the city it is always good to identify where the ATMs are as an option to quickly and safely secure cash.

Needing cash is unavoidable. Just take the steps necessary to make adjustments in cash daily and in doing so, limit the anxiety during the trip.

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