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And the best travel agent is …

Traveling is perhaps the most gratifying experience to be lived. The sensation is so divine, words cannot begin to explain it. It feels great! The desire or dream of being able to travel can be spurred by anecdotes of family and friends, personal wants and continuous advertising campaigns. We constantly view those commercials with many options to travel through-out the world. How to choose? Where do I start?

Making that dream trip a reality can be an overwhelming experience. So many options! So many places to go and a wide array of prices. Should you feel that planning your trip is too difficult you can always count a travel guide or agent for advice. But, which is my best option for a Travel Agent? First of all, bear in mind that a Travel Agent is a salesperson. As is customary, a salesperson has a wide product offering already packaged and available for sale. All you have to do is buy! If what you want is to visit the Mosque – Cathedral of Cordoba and say been there, then a packaged tour could the way to go. Some friends using this option have told us that too many cities are visited in a short time span and many times even rushed.

Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba

However, for those of us that decide to be independent travelers it can be a bit more complicated. After deciding “Let’s Travel!” comes the rest, anxiety, confusion y sometimes even frustration. It can turn into long hours of work. Yes, WORK!

Our desire to visit to Spain began two years ago. From the get go we had decided “We’re going to Spain!” Then we realized that it would not happen on its own and that we needed give it a shape. The first things we asked ourselves were: How many days will we spend in Spain? What cities do we want to visit? How much will it cost us? When can we get the money to get it done? Honestly, these questions can be discouraging. However, we were decided on doing it. We ARE going!

We spent countless hours discussing what we wanted to see during our trip. We spoke with our Friends and others so as to have them share their experiences and anecdotes in their travels. We also checked out promotional materials and researched social web sites of the places that interested us. We enjoyed viewing pictures which just further fueled our desires to visit Spain.

The time was ripe to take the bull by its horns. All things considered, we decided that there could be no better Travel Agent tan ourselves to ensure that our trip would be a hit and that it would be exactly what we wanted and desired. A lot of hard work was put into the effort, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We made our Dream a reality. Spain, here we are! It was greatly satisfying and the experiences lived will forever be a part of us.

La Viajera y El Mochilero en el Puente Nuevo en Ronda

Yes indeed, we confirmed that the best Travel Agent is oneself! You own your destiny and who is better than oneself to create that dream trip.

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