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Moving or traveling?

While waiting on line to validate our boarding passes, we noted that many flight passengers with a large amount and array of luggage. We wondered, are they moving?

We were awed seeing couples with three large suitcases, a smaller suitcase, travel cases, computer briefs and much more. After all, our luggage was comprised of two backpacks and two smaller bags. Of course we had to be bewildered.

We like to travel light as well as to have our bags close at hand, preferably in the airplane cabin. Advantages? It allows us to move around more freely and quickly, avoiding long waits at the luggage carrousels and advance through the customs and immigration checkpoints. In addition, we cut our time from plane to airport exit in half.

While others were still waiting to get their bags,

Madrid la llegada

we were well underway to enjoy Madrid. What did we do once we landed at the “Barajas” Airport at 11:30 am? We enjoyed a great cup of coffee at the terminal before jumping on the bus, arriving at the “Cibeles” Fountain Square, strolled through the “Gran Via” avenue, checked-in and left our belongings in our hotel room. All that by 1:30pm! A great step to start enjoying our visit to Madrid.

That’s not all! We had originally estimated check-in at 3:00pm, but by that time we found ourselves at the entry of the “Prado” Museum.

EL Prado
El Prado Museum

By then, we had already taken pictures of the “Oso y el Madroño” at the “Plaza del Sol”, visited the “Plaza Mayor”, bought souvenirs, walked through the “San Miguel” marketplace, had lunch and then viewed the Fountain of Neptune. We gained valuable time thanks to our light packing.

Our answer to the question posed is, YES, we moved to Spain for two weeks. We packed just what we needed to have a grand and enjoyable experience.

La Plaza Mayor Madrid
Plaza Mayor Madrid

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