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The Command Center; Epicenter for an advantageous trip

We all have a Command Center, the greatest of all, our Brain. Cerebro centro de mandoTherein resides what controls our nervous system, body organs, motor and cognitive functions, and much more. Outside our brains exist many other command centers. For example, when we travel, we establish one or more command centers meaning that location that serves as an operations center from which we embark on our different activities.

In the trip we called “Spain 2017”, we defined 3 command centers. In Madrid for example, we lodged at the “Puerta del Sol” Hostel, located where? Plaza del Sol square! A centric and busy spot which also has the “El Oso y el Madroño” statue and a Metro station. “Plaza del Sol” was our point of reference for our activities and encounters with friends that live in Madrid. The “Plaza del Sol” hostel proved to have its advantages as all mayor means of transport were at our grasp. Buses, Taxis, the Metro all located at the door to our hostel enabling our moving around town and elsewhere.

In Granada, we established another command post in front of the “Plaza Nueva”. Hotel Macia PlazaThis convenient location had us at the feet of the “Albaicin or Albayzin”, steps away from the “Gomerez” hill which would take us directly to the “Alhambra” and “Generalife” as well as a small walk from the town’s old quarters. The Macia Plaza Hotel was an ideal location for our fabulous adventure in Granada. Close to everything we intended to visit and accessible to transportation in order to rest our limbs a bit.

Our greatest challenge for “Spain 2017” was organizing how to cover other places within the Andalusian Province, cities such as Cordoba, Seville and Ronda (on the outskirts of Malaga). Originally we had planned to travel to each city and stay overnight. However, transportation logistics were somewhat complicated, especially in terms of transportation schedules which would have resulted in a tormented experience.

Concerned, we decided to contact our friend Pablo Ojeda. We knew that Pablo would be a great resource, sharing his experiences as a world traveler and given that he would live from season to season in Spain, knowing the country very well. When meeting with Pablo, we surprisingly discovered that he was the owner of the “Palacio de los Granados”. This is a boutique hotel in the city of Ecija, also known as Astigi, its ancient name.

Astigi was a town founded by the Romans which was also the axis for a network of roads within Andalusia, being the main hub connecting Cordoba and Seville. There was no doubt in our minds that Ecija would be the best command center from whence to launch our conquest of Andalusia. Astigi perfectly linked our destinations of Cordoba, Seville, Ronda and Granada. Ecija also proved to be a great hidden treasure, full of great surprises and home to new friends.

Ecija - Epicentro de Andalusia

In defining these three command posts, traveling through-out our destinations in Spain was greatly enabled resulting in success venture.

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