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Auto, Bus, Train or Plane?

The issue of mobility when planning a trip, is always of great concern. Many factors influence selecting the best method of transportation or the one that best suits us. Since costs, distances, comfort and even the time available or scheduled to visit a city, everything counts. Sometimes depending on the chosen means of transportation, it can determine the amount of time will stay visiting a city.

The big cities or urban areas, often have large and reliable systems of buses and subways. One can usually purchase passes that include several trips and connections at reasonable prices. The same happens with metro and train systems, for example in a city like New York, is the best way to move around.

On the other hand, having a rental car may prove to be like when we rent a room, it only meets a purpose for a specific time frame. The idea of ​​having a car all day in a parking lot can be impractical. Arriving at a city where the only way to visit it is by walking, reduces the value of having a car available. Take for example the city of Toledo, where all the attractions are within comfortable walking distance. Meanwhile, the car is waiting in a parking lot outside the great walls. This type of situation is similar in many other smaller towns.

When it comes to travel between cities, such as Spain or Portugal, rail and bus systems are options that merit consideration. The use of high-speed trains like the “AVE” greatly shortens the travel time. The cost, travel time and comfort without the “stress” of having to drive through unknown routes (or find where to park) are some of the important considerations.



Although it may sound strange, sometimes the bus trip may prove to be a faster and cheaper option than traveling by train. Such is the case when traveling from Madrid to Granada, where the fastest bus trip is 4 hours and a half (4:30), while using the “Renfe” railway line the same journey takes five hours and a half (5:30) hours. With a difference in price more than doubled, the bus is the winning choice. By car the trip can be almost four (4) hours, a minimum difference of half an hour.


Of course, there is no doubt that the fastest option is by plane. A flight barely an hour yet, add travel time to the airport and the lines at the security checkpoints, it can add an additional hour. The cost? Up to ten (10) times the bus, or five (5) times the train.

As in so many other issues, there is no right answer to the dilemma of transportation. Just as other aspects of the trip is evaluated during the preparation process, the issue of transportation or mobility can be even more complicated. Therefore, it requires a lot of research and analysis. One issue that must be resolved long before you reach your destination.

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