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The “churros” of Paseo de La Vega

Before recently visiting the city of Toledo (Spain), some of the members of the Legends of Toledo group suggested we go to the Paseo de La Vega to savor what they consider the best “churros” in Toledo. So we arived mid-morning, at the “Kiosko Catalino Churrería”, located within the park area in front of Cardenal Tavera street and from where we enjoy a spectacular view of the Bisagra Gate.


A “churro” is best enjoyed with a good cup of hot chocolate, as is done in the Iberian pennisula. Savoring that thin and long dough, fried, wrapped and rolled generally in cinnamon, immersed in a delicious hot chocolate is a glorious experience.

On our trips through Spain and Portugal, we’d eaten “churros” before, but our friends from Toledo were right, Catalino’s churros are excellent.

With a full belly and happy heart, we decided to walk along the “Paseo de La Vega”. Knowing a little about the history of this promanade, we discovered that it is also known as the “Paseo de Merchán”. This park, located outside the walls of Toledo, between the Bisagra Gate and the San Juan Bautista Hospital, was built in 1868 and expanded shortly after the Spanish Civil War to its current size.

The park has been remodeled several times, the most recent in 1989 by the architect Juan Cano Lasso. It was originally used as a dump and by 1538, the area was leveled. Later it became a place for gatherings and social events.

Its legendary trees provide shade with benches everywhere and it even has its own rose garden. In the center, there is a gazebo that is used for events and activities that take place there and a small playground is also part of the facilities.

A nice morning of “churros”, hot chocolate and a quiet walk.


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