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Superior Conservatory of Music

The Conservatory of Music “Rafael Orozco” Cordoba was founded in 1902 by the Provincial Government from the music section of the Provincial School of Fine Arts and is one of the oldest conservatories in Spain. The State grants its seal of approval to the educational program provided by the center in 1922, making it the third Conservatory in the country so certified.

The Center continued with the name of Official Conservatory of Music until 1942, date on which the Ministry of National Education grants it the category Conservatory, allowing it to provide the maximum degree provided for in the legislation. For 1972 the Conservatory reaches its current status Conservatory of Music, then a privilege shared by only five centers throughout Spain.

It is located in a building in which the Cordovan civil architecture of the Renaissance is predominant. Its’ Plateresque façade is presided over by a window with balustraded columns, decorated with mythological themes and the coats of arms of the family.

Since 1996, the Conservatory bears the name of the Cordovan pianist, Rafael Orozco Flores, year of his death.

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