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The Cloister of the Monastery of Saint John of the Kings

“Garden enclosed is my sister, bride, an enclosed garden, a fountain sealed. Your buds, a paradise of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits. Nard and saffron, with the best balms “(Cant 4, 12.).


In the cloister of the Monastery of Saint John of the Kings in Toledo, Spain, we can find a garden with pomegranates, myrtle, cypress, orange, and other species.



Of a Square layout, the courtyard of the cloisters usually have a place in the middle where four roads meet. In this case, the center is the fountain.



The Cloister’s gardens are divided into four parts, reflecting the four parts of the world.



The windows open onto the cloister which enables a very special lighting enclosure. Observe the beautifully carved stone, like filigree carvings and we also find other carvings done by Cecilio Béjar sculptor of Toledo, who also worked on the restoration of the images of the saints found in the lower cloister  until 1967. Among the carvings made by Béjar we find dragons,  apes and fantastic birds. We also noted  the gargoyles that  have the function of alleviating the water collected from the roof, a sort of drain.

On the central windows facing the yard there  are eagles  holding yokes and shields between beams arrows. cresting is used, ie, the draft used as decoration and can be found at the top of a building or a roof. Cresting borders the roof and hides the same using the pinnacles or needles giving a  greater height to the structure to the cloister.

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