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The Grand Mosque of Cordoba

It is surprising to observe the coexistence, if it can be said so, of  the two totally different cultures embedded in a single structure. It is a clear example that regardless of religious and cultural beliefs, what the  admiration and respect inspired by the largest Mosque of Cordoba, meant at that time for the town council. Thanks to that, today we can all admire and enjoy the wonder and ancient Islamic architecture, despite the changes and additions that it has been subject to over time.

What is really exceptional is the coexistence of a mosque and a cathedral, as one. Despite the initial rejection at the possibility of such merger there was no other choice but to recognize the deep respect towards the Caliphate architecture of this Mosque in Cordoba and the town council had agreed to adjust the cathedral to the structure of Islamic temple.

In 1523 with the support of Charles the emperor, the greatest alteration was undertaken with  the realization of a cruciform basilica in a Renaissance style, of a Plateresque manner in the center of Muslim structure. The work took 234 years to complete. Today the whole constitutes the most important architectural monument in Cordoba and of Andalusia, aside from the Alhambra, while at the same time being the most significant of the Muslim culture in the West.

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