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Madrid and its Cybele Palace

On the corner of Alcalá street and the Prado Promenade in Madrid, Spain, stands the Cybele Palace, framed by the famous Cibeles Fountain, from which its name derives. This symbol of the city of Madrid, with a certain touch of cathedral, is within walking distance of other famous structures such as the Metropolis Building, the Prado Museum and the Arch or Gateway to Alcalá.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the “Palacio de Cibeles” became the home of the new post office (“Correos”) in Madrid. It was inaugurated on March 14, 1919 and baptized as the Cathedral of Communications. The name as a result of the building becoming the headquarters of the nation’s telegraphic system.

The building is located in what was once part of the gardens of the “Buen Retiro” park. The main use of the building decreased over the years and in 2003, the building began to be used for municipal government purposes. In 2007, the City Council or Mayor’s Office began offering services from the Cybeles Palace. The City Council also moved its offices to the building.

The Palace has a Neoplateresque facade with touches of Baroque style like those used in the city of Salamanca. Since 1993 it has been classified as a “Cultural Interest Asset” within the category of Monuments.

No visit to Madrid can be complete without stopping to contemplate the “Palacio de Cibeles”.


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