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The Piazza della Repubblica, Firenze

Since ancient times the center of the Italian city of Firenze, was its Roman Forum. In addition, it was the place where the main roads of the city, the cardus roads (North to South) and decumanus maximi (East to West) were crossed. It was customary to seat the Roman Forum or square around that point.

For several centuries that point was kept as the center of the city and in the 10th century it is designated as a place for use by the commoners. It was the place where the Market Square (Mercato Vecchio) and the Jewish quarter were located. Which led to the area being designated as the “Piazza del Mercato”. Following the Roman custom of the time, other places were established that served other functions and needs of the city. This is how the “Duomo” and “Signoria” Squares are born.

In the year 1431 the “Colona dell’Abbondanza” or the Abundance Column was erected, marking the point of intersection of the main roads that we previously indicated. The statue of “Dovizia” or “Abbondanza”, which we see today on the column, is a replica of the original found in the “Cassa di Risparmio” on the “dell’Oriuolo” road.

It was at the end of the 19th century, as part of an urban restructuring plan, that the current “Piazza della Repubblica” was built. This plan included the demolition of many historic buildings, which included churches, house-towers, residences and finally the “Piazza del Mercato Vecchio” itself.

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