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Torre dell’Orologio – Venezia

The “Torre dell’Orologio” or Clock Tower of San Marcos in Venezia, is located on the north side of the “Piazza di San Marcos”, a few steps from the Cathedral. It is the physical transition between “Merceria Orologio” street, the most recognized shopping street in Venezia and “Piazza di San Marcos”. The “Torre dell’Orologio” was built towards the end of the 15th century.

The tower consists of five main elements. The Arch of Triumph is the base of the tower. Over this arch is the clock, followed by a space that keeps the Virgin Mary, a bronze statue. The Lion of San Marcos is located at the top of the tower and on it, a bell that is struck by statues (Moors) to indicate the time.

The watch has a particular design to mark different events. In addition to indicating the time, the watch marks the solar and lunar phases. And as if that were not enough, the clock marks the periods of the zodiac signs.

On the level where the Virgin Mary is found we find another clock. To the right of the Virgin, the time is indicated in Roman numerals. On her left, the minutes are marked, but these are in 5 minute intervals.

The “Torre dell’Orologio” is an icon of the city of Venezia and an excellent meeting point for groups gathering for excursions in this beautiful Italian city.

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