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The Roccaforte Pia of Tivoli

The “Roccaforte Pia” or “Rocca Pia” is a fortress or fort in the city of Tivoli in Italy. It is called Pia in honor of Pope Pius II who ordered its construction. The objective of this military fortress was to keep the population of Tiburtina or Tivoli under control, who had risen in protests against the rule of the Papal or Papal States.

The fort is square with towers at each end. The towers are of different heights and were built under different Popes. The fort is built on the remains of a Roman theater (called Bléso) that was located on top. In 1870 the fortress becomes a prison, a function that it fulfilled until 1960.

It is in Rocca Pia where Pope Paul III approves of Ignacio de Loyola, founding the “Societatis Jesu” or the Company of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits.

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