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Palazzo Quirinale of Rome

Among the ten largest palaces in the world is the Palazzo Quirinale in Rome. Located precisely in Quirinale or Quirinalis, name given to the highest of the seven hills of Rome. This in honor of Quirinus, god of war in Roman mythology and one of the main gods of the Romans.

The great elevation of Quirinale made it a very attractive place for the most important families in Rome. It was here that the last Roman baths were built under Constantine’s reign.

In the year 1583, Pope Gregory XIII (creator of the Gregorian calendar) ordered the construction of a palace on this hill. It would become the summer residence of the Pope. In addition, during the first half of the nineteenth century, the palace was the place of the Cardinals conclaves for the election of the pope. It is estimated that a total of ten (10) Popes used this palace as a residence.

With the re-unification of Italy in 1871, Rome becomes the capital of the Kingdom and the Quirinale Palace in the residence of the King. In 1946, with the fall of the monarchy and the conversion to a Republic, the Palace continued to be the official residence of maximum power. It has been the residence of twelve presidents of the Italian Republic, a function that still fulfills today.

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