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Royal Spanish Academy

The building of the Royal Spanish Academy, was designed by Miguel Aguado de la Sierra and inaugurated on 1 April 1894 attended by HM King Alfonso XIII and his mother, Queen Regent, Maria Cristina of Hapsburg-Lorraine. It is located on Calle Felipe IV, 4 , in the Madrid district of “Los Jeronimos”. The Spanish Royal Academy (RAE) was established in Madrid in 1713, on the initiative of Juan Manuel Fernández Pacheco (1650- 1725), eighth Marquess of Villena, who was also its first director.

It is dedicated to linguistic regularization by enacting legislation aimed at promoting linguistic unity between or within the various territories that make up the so-called Spanish-speaking world and ensure a common standard. Since its inception, its main objective has been the development of the most comprehensive dictionary of the Castilian or Spanish language. That goal was initially achieved with the publication of the Dictionary of authorities, published in six volumes between 1726 and 1739. Periodically, the RAE makes revisions to its publications, adding, modifying or adapting words, as well as the present language usages of each region.

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