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The fountain of “Los Leones”

The fountain of Los Leones, in the Alhambra, Granada, is composed of a central bowl supported by twelve lions spouts of water made of white marble. If we look closely at each one of the lions, we will observe that although the twelve are in alert posture, with their tails folded, ears raised, teeth clenched, that is, very pending at the least gesture or order of the sultan to go out to attack, even so, each one, maintains individual traits.

It is said that the twelve lions represent the twelve tribes of Israel linked to the twelve sons that Jacob had. Two of the lions have a small triangle on their foreheads that indicates the two chosen tribes: Judah and Levi. On the other hand, it is pointed out that the twelve lions have a clear astrological symbolization, since, in addition, each lion refers to a symbol of the zodiac. Whether one thing or the other, these lions are a marvel both in art and in history.

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