Puerta de Almodóvar
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The Almodóvar Gate, Córdoba

The city of Córdoba, Spain, is known as the City of the Seven Gates, in reference to the seven entry points of the walled city. The Almodóvar Gate is current the best conserved of all those existing in Córdoba. It is found close to the “Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos” and with easy access from the “Cairuán” Street. It is located in a very centric part of the city just a few steps from the Red Cross Hospital and the “Judíos” Street, one of the most popular street within the Jewish quarters.

This gateway was built in the XIV century, replacing the Moorish gate known as the “Puerta del Nogal” (Bab al-Yawz) or Nogal Gate. It is the only gateway which had survived the nine modifications done by Abd al-Rahman I, which existed and protected the City of Córdoba. In 1236 and following the re-conquest by the Spaniards, the gate was re-named as it was located on route to the Almodóvar Vila.

As we approach the gate we can observe two towers joined by a pointed arc. It was built using ashlar with aggregates of natural rocks and bricks. The walls were built using large stones in a horizontal manner with vertical joints perfectly cut and afixed. Although the Almodóvar Gate was restored in 1802, it has been conserved mainly intact.

Along the wall, one finds a lovely walkway that dates to the 1950’s and which connects the Almodóvar Gate with the Arch of the Moon, another entry point to the Jewish District. In what was a small stream, we now find a pond which mimics a defensive trench.

Around 1965, a bronze statue in honor of the native Philosopher and Playwright Lucio Anneo Séneca was erected near this gate. The statue was created by the sculptor Amadeo Ruiz Olmos.

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