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Railroad Station of Toledo

Inaugurated in 1919, Toledo’s Railroad Station was declared as a Place of Cultural Interes; in the category of monuments on November 21, 1991. This is the work of Architect Narciso Clavería and his neo-Moorish style. Bricks, stone, iron and cement was used in its construction. In 2005 it was restored with the advent of the high speed trains. It is located to the east of the city.

The building for travelers is comprised of a main central hall with two smaller lateral halls.  The entire structure is decorated with  multi-sphere arcs and staggered turrets above. Five gateways grant access to the vestibule which showcases a wide variety of craftswork from Toledo: mosaic tiles, glass works, windows and forged lamps. At one extreme we find a tower clock which has been amply restored. The historic fencing created by Julio Pascual was re-installed. This is also considered as a Place / Item of Cultural Interest.


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