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Igreja da Madalena – Lisbon, Portugal

Walking from the Commerce Square on route to the Cathedral of Lisbon, we find amazing structures and many monuments, witnesses of  time that reveal the history of this wonderful city. Going up the “Rua de la Concepcion”,  we encounter the Church of Mary Magdalene, National Monument of Portugal since 1910.

The original Church was built around 1150 to 1164 by order of King Afonso Henriques. However, it was completely destroyed by a fire in 1363. King Ferdinand I ordered its reconstruction. Much later, in 1600, a cyclone partially destroyed the temple. The most destructive earthquake in the history of Portugal arrived in 1755 and the Church was totally destroyed.

As part of the work of rebuilding the city, Queen Maria I ordered the rebuilding of the Church of Mary Magdalene, in 1783. It was modified in 1833. The predominant architectural style is Manueline.

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