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“Santiago el Mayor del Arrabal” Church, Toledo

Upon entering the Spanish city of Toledo through the Bisagara Gate, you will reach the Arrabal neighborhood and immediately with what some have called “the most imposing Mudejar complex in Toledo,” the Church of Santiago el Mayor. Brick and masonry of the thirteenth century, it was converted and edifice over an old mosque.

It is said that Alfonso VI founded the early parish in the mosque of Arrabal, in honor of the patron of Spain and protector of armies. The structure seemed to be inspired by the very close Hermitage of Cristo de la Luz.

The current appearance of the Church of Santiago el Mayor is due to orders given by Sancho II, but the works are completed by Diosdado, commanders of the Knights of the Order of Santiago. It is the only church in Toledo where its ships end in semicircular apses. The tower is an old Muslim minaret.

In addition to its access through the Bisagara Gate, the Church of Santiago el Mayor can be accessed through the Alfonso VI Gate.

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