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Oceanus, Titan of the Sea in ​​the Trevi Fountain – Rome

Oceanus, the Titan of the Seas, is the figure that occupies the predominant position in the central niche of the “Trevi Fountain” in Rome. According to Greek mythology, Uranus and Gaia were the titan gods of heaven and earth. They had twelve children, being Oceanus the eldest, the Titan who would become the Father of the Waters and Master of the Seas. Oceanus and its waters covered the entire earth to the horizon.

In the “Fontana di Trevi”, Oceanus is accompanied by the sculptures of Abundance, on his right and Widsom to the left. These replaced the original planed statues in honor of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and the virgin Trivia, who guided the Romans to the source of the water that fills the “Trevi Fountain”.

The Oceanus sculpted by Pietro Bracci does not possess the typical and recognized characteristics of the Titan, perhaps that is why it is frequently confused with Neptune. Probably, the confusion arises because fountains honoring the god Neptune are more common in Italy. It should be noted that Triton, the son of Neptune is the one who is guiding  Oceanus chariot, an element that further lends to the confusion.

Originally, the fountain marked the end point of the three main roads (Tre Vie) towards the city. From there the name for the neighborhood and the fountain. The “Trevi Fountain” was the point of arrival in Rome of the “Acua Virgo”, one of the aqueducts that supplied water to the city. The Acua Virgo has spilled its waters at this fountain beginning in  19 BC. and for the following 400 years.

The “Trevi Fountain” we know today was built during the 18th century, being the artist of the work Nicola Salvi and completed by the architect Giuseppe Pannini. Its style is baroque and has had many restorations, the most recent, in 2015.

 The “Trevi Fountain” has been featured in many films.

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