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Fontana dell’Ovato

Visiting the Villa d’Este, in Tivoli, Italy, especially its gardens and various fountains creates a sense of tranquility and peace. The “Fontana dell’Ovato” is one of those sources that when perching in front of her, you instantly feel a great feeling of relaxation.

The “Fontana dell’Ovato” gets its name from the oval shape of its basin or bowl. In the center of the basin rises the fountain that emulates the Tivoli waterfall. On the waterfall, stones that represent the Tiburtini mountains, on which is the city of Tivoli.

The Tiburtini mountains is the place where the “Aniene”, “Erculaneo” and “Albuneo” are born. These in turn, form the famous waterfalls of Tivoli, which can be seen visiting the Villa Gregoriana.

The design of the “Fontana dell’Ovato” is by Pirro Ligorio, architect and painter among several other occupations. The symbolisms present in the “Fontana dell’Ovato” are reasons for it to be recognized,

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