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Crow’s Nest Cross – Ponce, Puerto Rico

The “Cruceta del Vigia” de Ponce (a Crow’s Nest Cross or lookout point), is located in the same spot on the hill where the Spanish inhabitants watched the ships and boats that arrived at the port of the city, and thus recognize where it came from, or if it was an invader or pirate .

The “Cruceta del Vigía” is a 30 meter high cross located on the hill known as the “Vigía” in Ponce, Puerto Rico, specifically in front of the Serrallés Castle.

This cross houses a tourism center at its base, a 10-story tower, and a horizontal viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the city of Ponce and the Caribbean Sea to visitors. Visitors can reach this point through an elevator or stairs.

In 1801, the inhabitants built a cross using two logs where a lookout could constantly monitor the sea and the port, raising different flags to notify local merchants of arriving cargo ships, or alerting military authorities of possible threats. of invasion. A replica of this wooden cross is now behind the current structure.

“Vigía” Hill also served as a refuge for citizens during a storm on September 12, 1738, an earthquake on May 10, 1787, a tsunami on November 18, 1867, and the invasion of the United States Army on July 25, 1898.

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