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A piece of Egypt in Madrid

On top of a hill above the “Cuartel de la Montaña” Park (formerly a military installation) and inside the West Park in Madrid, there is a piece of Egypt. The temple of Debod, an Egyptian structure dating from the second century B.C.

The construction of the Aswan high dam on the Nile formed Lake Nasser. This work, completed in 1970, required the relocation of some of the Nubian temples, as well as other valuables. As a reward for the great effort made by some nations to save these temples, Egypt donates the Debod Temple to Madrid, Spain and the Dendur Temple, currently located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Today, it is one of the landmarks of Madrid and a popular tourist destination. On our recent visit, the pool surrounding the temple was dry. However, that did not stop the temple from shining.

We suggest visiting it late in the afternoon, in time to see it at sunset. Definitely, the hidden treasure of Egypt in Madrid.


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